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FreeRice (one more)

December 11, 2007

In view of the fact that some readers of this blog are using it, and returning to it, to reach the FreeRice donation website, I feel I owe you an update on the current totals.

So it’s like this: Total All Dates now stands at 7,536,669,470 grains of rice donated since October.

Lots of other sites are also offering a link to FreeRice. We mustn’t forget that the underlying idea is to donate to the starving.

FreeRice have found a way to make it a win-win situation. They have also found a brilliant way to demonstrate the power of viral marketing.


FreeRice Vocabulary Game (new update, December 1)

December 2, 2007

I can see from the dashboard that the vocabulary game is a very popular post. It’s good news, and I can only encourage you to continue 😉

FreeRice is a brilliant marketing idea. They give you something (some enlightenment with vocabulary) and you donate something through the game. It’s a win-win.

Update on the latest count: 5,541,225,910 grains of rice on December 1, 2007

FreeRice Operation

November 28, 2007

May I remind you that the United Nations FreeRice operation is still on. A nice and useful way to give food, and test your English vocabulary at the same time. Personally I hover between levels 41 and 47, not something to be proud of, but I’m in just for the rice. I earned one kilogram in about 30 minutes. Incidentally, some (not all) of the difficult words come from Latin, so they are not always difficult to recognize.

As of November 26, the total donated was 3,993,119,570 grains of rice, over a 20-day period.