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First New Year Jobs!

January 2, 2008

Today I received my first two 2008 jobs. One is not for publication (so… ssshhh) and the other one is, well, you’ll hear about it soon, because I’ll surely write something about it here.

So there I am, with jobs carried over from 2007, brand new 2008 jobs, and today is only January 2nd, and these pictures from Christmas and the New Year are still with me. But it’s back to work now.

I have given up on New Year resolutions, because they are usually dead by the end of January. Indeed, they are usually killed by the first January job, the rest of the year is just a whirlwind.

In the middle of all this, I now have my copy of Timothy Ferriss’s book (The 4-hour Work Week I mentioned here). I started listening to it (yes, my copy is an audiobook, I like audiobooks a lot), and I am eager to discover more, because I found that I can easily relate to some of his ideas, based on my own life in the past 25 years, in particular to his idea of relative vs. absolute income. A promising ‘read’.


Happy New Year and Back to Work

January 1, 2008


Issue one last bill for 2007.

Finish off a few projects (those that could wait until after…).

Gather in one big envelope those tiny receipts and various stuff that have crept into the oddest places, to finalize 2007 accounts.

Do some serious de-cluttering of my home office (*sigh*).

Write a fairly uninspired post (this).

This is 2008, and the fact hasn’t sunk in yet. But those tasks should keep me busy for a few days, until business life starts for real again.

See you in 2008! Oh but THIS is 2008! Happy New Year, then! 😉