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English vs. French

November 14, 2007

A good friend of mine was asking me the other day:

Friend: ‘You’re French, why would you want to communicate on the ‘net in English?’

Me: ‘Well, most of my clients are in the English-speaking world nowadays’

Friend: ‘…’

Me: ‘Most of my income comes from foreign companies or entities’

Friend: ‘…’

Me: ‘I have to talk to my real clients, what else can I do? Anyway, I mostly translate into French, so English-speaking people are the ones who need me most, if they want to communicate to their French clients!’

Friend: ‘Well, I suppose so…’

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Why am I an interpreter?

November 13, 2007

I was interpreting at a meeting this morning, and just by glancing at the people in the room, once again I was reinforced in my belief that this kind of work serves a real purpose.

There were people from every continent, gathered around a table, sharing and learning together. People from countries with very diverse levels of economic development, speaking French and English (and of course their own native languages).

All were united in trying to do something useful for their own countries. It wasn’t one of those highly-publicized global conferences, just the daily humdrum of people striving to improve things, to do their job well, and most importantly to learn from each other.

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