Technology Wonders

The marvel of technology is that I can write and publish this post as I am sitting in a hotel lobby, waiting to go down to the conference room. The reason I’m not writing it from the booth itself is that my colleagues are using it, it’s their turn to work.

In a not-too-distant past, to be out of the (home) office meant for us freelance interpreters being cut off from the rest of the world. Other clients had to wait as we grappled for phones to call our secretariat, our answerphone… Nowadays, I can take my little wifi-enabled Sony Vaio with me, check on my e-mails, check glossaries online, or offline, etc. Provided of course that there is a wifi hotspot nearby, which is not always the case, unfortunately. But I had an assignment recently, where the entire team had their notebooks with them. We would get presentations on a USB drive from the speakers who didn’t have any printed copies for us, and follow the presentation on our own screens.

Of course, this is only a microscopic fraction of what business users can achieve with technology, but it’s already a huge improvement.

Have to go now. Thank you all for the attention, it’s great to see the stats.


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