Mobile Phone Translator

A couple of days ago, I Stumbled Upon this piece from the engadget website. Being a ‘gadget-y’ person myself, I would love to be able to have a look at the real thing, to try it and see what it can do for me (especially as I don’t understand Japanese at all).

It has also been reported here. Let’s hope that the translation provided by this jewel is of a higher grade than that one here, ‘Nec développe premier traducteur de langue des logiciels en téléphone mobile’. No-one seems to question anymore the inability of any software to translate anything properly. By ‘properly’ I mean, to produce a simple sentence, which is error-free in terms of grammar, vocabulary and meaning. Putting words in the right place, using articles when needed, etc. I am not talking about producing literary grade prose. Forget Marcel Proust and his half-page-long sentences.

Inserting disclaimers to protect themselves against non stylish machine translation is one thing, but what about the credibility of a company that provides simple translations that come out THAT bad, as they are reporting on a translation gadget?


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