Tell Your Story

I have submitted a story to the From Our Lips to Your Ears project.

If it doesn’t get published, I’ll post it here.

If you are an interpreter, you can tell your story. See all the details below (as provided by From Our Lips, the deadline is now February 2008):



July 18, 2007

Dear Interpreter,

What an important job you do each day, and what fascinating tales you must have to tell about the people you’ve encountered, the conversations you’ve interpreted, and most importantly, the lives you’ve touched.

Now, you have the perfect opportunity to share these stories in an enduring publication, so that others may read them for years to come. The only question is this: which of the many stories you’ve saved up over the years will you decide to share with the world?

The FAQ and Guidelines at the official website,, will help you choose, and will also show you how to ensure the best chance of publication in an exciting new book that is all about you and your important work:

From Our Lips to Your Ears: How Interpreters are Changing the World

The project website will provide you with all of the information you need. Here are some of the basics:

· Interpreters working in all settings are encouraged to submit stories.

· Stories should aim to provide readers with a greater understanding of the importance of interpreters’ work

· Submissions are accepted online, via email and via postal mail, starting on July 18, 2007.

· The final deadline for submissions is December 3, 2007.

If you have questions after reviewing the information on the website, feel free to contact me, and I will be happy to attend to your concerns. As additional questions from potential contributors are received, the FAQ, Guidelines and related materials will also be updated accordingly.

It is both an honor and a pleasure to be working on this exciting project, in the hopes that it will help bring greater recognition to interpreters everywhere.


Nataly Kelly, Editor

From Our Lips to Your Ears




Language Interpreters to be Featured in New Book

July 18, 2007 — Nashua, N.H. — The publication of a new book that will showcase interpreters and their contributions to society was announced today. From Our Lips to Your Ears: How Interpreters are Changing the World marks the first published compendium of stories about this unique and complex profession from the perspective of interpreters themselves.

“Millions of people throughout the world communicate each day without sharing a common language,” explained Nataly Kelly, editor of the publication, “This book shines a light on the unsung heroes that enable much of this communication to take place.”

The book will include personal anecdotes from interpreters working in an array of settings, Kelly said. “Interpreters are out there each day, helping deliver babies, interpreting witness testimony, rendering the words of foreign diplomats, and assisting consumers who wish to purchase goods and services.”

The stories in the collection will cover a range of topics of interest to the general public, Kelly pointed out. “This book shows how interpreters are helping meet a basic human need— the need to communicate with others.”

More information about the book is available at

The web site also provides detailed information for interpreters who would like to share their stories for possible publication in the book.


Nataly Kelly, 603/891-1101
Fax: 877/572-0779


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  1. Salita Says:

    did you publish your story?

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