Tomorrow is Another Day…

Up at 6.30am
In order to leave the house before 7am
In order to get to Paris on time (9am).
Traffic unpredictable.
They said on the car radio
That the strike was off,
But train passengers were still stranded,
My line hadn’t run for 9 days,
You don’t know what and whom to believe…
Parked my car under the Louvre,
A convenient car park, very central,
As you come out you see the Pyramid,
The Carrousel Arch of Triumph,
The Eiffel Tower in the distance
All peaceful and quiet
And only 10 mins’ walk from this conference
Arrived at 8am,
Had breakfast in a cafe,
Got back to my car around 7pm,
Glowing Pyramid,
Eiffel Tower scintillating in the dark
Had to pay a whopping fee (33 euros!!!) to retrieve the car,
Then a 2-hour drive home
(There must have been something at Parc des Princes,
Police everywhere.)
Finally got home around 9pm.

It’s been a long and tiring day.
But ‘tomorrow is another day…’



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